Video: Miss America // American Apparel???

A little bit surprised to see that official David Byrne site sells t-shirts made with American Apparel cotton. I would love to read his thoughts about the company in an official David Byrne Newsletter. What do you think DB thinks about American Apparel and its CEO’s infamous sexual harassment charges? Their risque public ad campaigns?

In the meantime, enjoy this hit –


p.s. just for full disclosure i think their clothes are overpriced shit but i do buy them resale at thrift stores

#17 – Take a cue from Bjork / Mobile apps with Annie Clark

David Byrne & St. Vincent will be releasing their collaborative album in the not-so-distant future. Will they take a cue from Bjork and give us lots of cool web apps to go along with the music? Here's hoping!

St. Vincent recently announced via Twitter that she and David Byrne have finished recording their collaborative album. Wow! Now we wait in anticipation.  (I’m sure we all caught this super-catchy song they performed together live when it was circulating around the Web a while back.)

Fingers crossed that this collaboration takes a cue from Bjork’s Biophilia and debuts with lots of cool tech-y stuff to go along with what is already sure to be a delectable album! Besides, this hope isn’t blind – Mr. Byrne recently bloggedabout his interest in “mosaic/collage/multimeda” tablets.

#16 – Buddhist temple

This here is a Buddhist temple made of recycled Heineken bottles. That’s right.

Read more about the beer-bottle Buddhist temple over at treehugger.

#15 – “The Gift”

Narrate this:

He didn’t have enough money to go to Wisconsin in the accepted fashion, true, but why not mail himself?

As a college student, Lou  Reed wrote this disturbingly hilarious story about a misguided romantic who…well, I won’t give it away in case you haven’t heard it. John Cale’s deadpan recital is flawless, but could a DB version be even better?

What are some of your favorite narrative songs?

#14 – Bake pie

Even if I was loaded, I can still eat pie...

I am confident that David Byrne could come up with some excellent pie recipes, for those of us who “Don’t want a store bought pie!” Perhaps a cookbook could be in the making as well, but haven’t you always wanted to eat dessert first anyway?

#13 – Rainy Day Escort Service


When a rainy day has got you down and you find yourself absent of umbrella and/or raincoat, calling David Byrne’s Rainy Day Umbrella Rescue Service would be an instant fix. David Byrne arrives (preferably via teleportation) with umbrella to escort you to your destination. He is tall and makes great conversation. What more could a person ask of an umbrella escort?

Perhaps that he sing a version of Rhianna’s “Umbrella”…

"You can stand under my umbrella, ella ella, ay ay ay..."

#12 – Summer Camp with David Byrne!

According to the NY Times, summer camps are all the rage but also face hardship in the current economic climate. What they need is a creative jolt and some real inspiration. Roasting marshmallows by the campfire never was so much fun. Let’s just hope there’s no age limit, for adults and young ‘uns alike deserve a D.B. – designed enrichment retreat.

#11: Get rid of the creepy-crawlies

How about a 24/7 hotline for on-call exterminators? Being soothed by David Byrne’s voice while you wait for an on-call exterminator to arrive at your doorstep could really ease anxiety over spiders, centipedes or even cockroaches. Anyways, living in NYC’s Lower East Side must have given D.B. some experience with all kinds of scary bugs!

Maybe Woody Allen could cash in on this enterprise as well.

#10: Madonna

Don’t scoff – these artists have much in common! A musical collaboration might involve some catchy hooks set to funky electronic music, and since the two share an affinity for choreography, there could be some cool dance moves to boot. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a shared Rolling Stone cover.

Now, how can you disagree with a message like that?

On a sidenote: people should stop harping on Lady Gaga for “ripping off” Madonna. Gwen Stefani was crooning about her Harajuku Girls (“Create it, design it, now let me see you work it” – bascially an interpretation of Madonna’s “Express Yourself”) way before Ms. Gags showed up on the scene. Bottom line: how can you NOT be inspired by Madonna? But this is a blog about David Byrne, so to get back on topic:

I’m a bit disappointed that Gwen Stefani wasn’t included amongst the female artists on this album, though the song featuring Candie Payne and Annie Clark is pretty good.

#9: Replace Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court

Sonia Sotomeyer was a start, but the Supreme Court could use some more jazzing up…

That said, David Byrne is a old white-haired male, and no stranger to lawsuits.


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